The Biggest Mobile App Development Conclave in Nepal
Aug 11 - Dec 22, 2015

App Idea Categories

The submitted idea should fall under one of following categories

Games & Entertainment
Games & Entertainment

Did you know in 2014, the players of Candy Crush spent $1.33 billion on in-apps purchases? And this is just one games application. The industry in itself is immense. As of June 2015, Apple App store ranked games as the most popular category. Add likes of NetFlix and Kindle to the list, and you can begin to understand the magnitude of the love people have for these applications. Games and Entertainment is a huge market in all platform and the statistics agree quite emphatically.

We are looking for entertainment and games applications, much like Candy Crush, Spotify, Duolingo and Shazam; we are looking for applications that work, business wise and otherwise. If you have an idea that builds around this category, we welcome you to share and develop the idea that is entertaining and that can be transformed into a brilliant business.


Healthcare is a gigantic business worldwide. Every day people are looking for ways to make health accessible through efficient methods, mobile applications being the best choice.On one hand, we can count calories(MyFitnessPal) and regulate sleep cycle (Sleep Cycle), and on the other hand getting a health advice (iTriage) to getting first hand health experts’ suggestions (HealthTap), have never been easier. Other services include, information on health services, doctor’s appointment and even discovering hospitals in your locality. When it comes to fitness, you are allowed connection to your fitness community (Cody) or you can make online monetary pledges to motivate yourself to workout (Pact). Long story short, Health and Fitness apps are selling like hot cakes (no pun intended).

And we are looking for something similar under this category. Find an application that addresses today’s fitness issues and helps us see your vision turn into a business. We hope to see people carry your fitness experts in their mobiles, compete with their friends in fitness matters, track calories or even motivate themselves through faster, better and easier methods.


Nepal has never needed tourism more than today. With some of our heritage sites challenged post earthquake, we are now facing a growing need to reestablish Nepal as an important tourist destination in the world. And here is our chance to make an impact.

We are looking for concepts, ideas and applications which will present Nepal to the world as an active and welcoming tourist destination. With amazing experiences such as mountaineering, trekking, adventure sports, eco-tourism and religious tourism, Nepal is a country best explored only when experienced first hand. So through your ideas, you can help people discover Nepal through apps that can be as generalized like TripIt or something specifically relevant to Nepal like Go2homestay. We can have a Picksie for food perhaps or Tourist Eye to assist the visitors, you name it and the area of work is immense. We want you to explore, learn and love the art of traveling through a business focused application tourists would actually enjoy and use.


Utilities applications have a huge market, mostly because they are plenty and they are used by huge number of people. From KeepNote to Trello, utilities apps are everywhere. Mint and Home Budget help you manage money while DropBox can save your files. You organize, save and use these applications to make sense of your work (and life). And we want you to get bigger and better version of these utilities. Quite recently, the need for disaster preparedness has also opened the door to opportunity revolving around disaster warning, control and damage prevention.

What happens during Ncell App Camp?
The event will run from August 11 - December 22 with following activities
Idea submission
Register your team and submit your ground-breaking idea.
Deadline to submit idea
September 20, 2015 (12 Noon)
Selection of 150 ideas
Panel of experts will select the best 150 workable ideas and invite the teams to the next level of competition.
Announcement of top 150 teams
September 23, 2015
Seminars and Training
Representative of the selected teams will participate in idea management, skill development and business development seminars and training.
November 2015
Submission of Minimum Viable Product
Selected teams will submit their final refined idea
Deadline to submit the MVPs
December 9, 2015
Selection of 24 Finalists
Panel of experts will select the best 6 ideas(teams) under each category, that is 24 teams in total as finalists.
December 12, 2015
Selected finalists will get inspired by local and international gurus to make final changes to their app.
December 15, 2015
Idea Pitching
Selected finalists will present their app/working prototypes and pitch their ideas.
December 21, 2015
Winners Announcement
Independent jury will declare 4 category winners and 1 grand winner.
December 22, 2015
Why Participate?
By participating you get an opportunity to turn your innovative mobile app idea into reality
Get priceless global and local knowledge, experience of creating Innovative Solutions
Get inspired by the best local and international mentors and speakers.
Be the best and win exciting prizes.
Overall Winner: Nrs. 5,00,000
Category winners: Nrs.2,50,000